Why Is it Important to Get Teeth Whitening Done at the Dentist?

Why Is it Important to Get Teeth Whitening Done at the Dentist?

A bright and radiant smile is an enticing asset that is most noticed in a person. Stain or discoloration on the teeth can affect the smile of the person and may make them conscious about their appearance. Teeth Whitening is an excellent remedy to remove stains. 

There are over-the-counter teeth whitening kits and professional teeth whitening treatments that help in achieving radiant teeth. At Cantrell Dental, our dentists provide professional teeth whitening as a safe procedure to attain stain-free teeth.

Reasons to Opt for Professional Teeth Whitening 

Safer Than Over-the-Counter Kits

Professional teeth whitening is considered safer than over-the-counter kits. The products in these kits may cause side effects like damage to the teeth enamel or teeth sensitivity. On the other hand, professional teeth whitening involves the trained use of chemicals which need to be applied to the teeth appropriately. It helps to achieve the results without any complications. 

Personalized to Meet Each Patient’s Requirement

During professional teeth whitening appointments, the dentists provide a shade card to the patients. It includes different shades of white from which the patient can choose the shade they want for their teeth whitening process. Over-the-counter kits cannot cater to the specific needs of the patient exactly.

Provides Long-Lasting Results

Professional teeth whitening process is performed by trained dentists. They ensure that the product is adequately applied to produce the desired results. The appropriate results cannot be expected from an over-the-counter kit as it may not be suitable for every person.

Achieve Results in One Hour

Dentists use whitening agents that are much more concentrated than over-the-counter kits. These provide a better degree of whitening in less time. In one hour, the dentists can lighten the shade of the teeth by eight shades. The patient can return home with whitened teeth quicker than over-the-counter kits, which require a consistent application for several weeks. 

Have Your Teeth Whitened at Cantrell Dental

If you are concerned about your stained teeth, it is best to have professional teeth whitening done at the dentist. They perform the treatment and provide significant results in a single appointment. 

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