Oral Surgery / Extractions in Little Rock AR

Oral Surgery / Extractions in Little Rock AR

Oral surgery involves surgical procedures performed on the teeth, jaw, or gums. The dental experts at Cantrell Dental confirm that a patient needs a tooth extraction or oral surgery in case of the following reasons: 

  • If the tooth is severely decayed, damaged, or broken
  • In case of advanced periodontitis
  • To prepare for orthodontic treatment

If the tooth is decayed, damaged, or broken

If the patient has a tooth with a severe cavity, decay, or damage and cannot be restored or saved using fillings or dental crowns, our dentists may recommend extracting the tooth to prevent further pain and infection.

In case of advanced periodontitis

If a patient has advanced periodontitis or gum infection, bacteria can get in between the gums and the teeth and make the gum swollen, painful, and bleed. Besides, it can lead to gum recession and the creation of periodontal pockets, exposing the structure of the tooth and tooth roots, leading to severe tooth pain, sensitivity, or weakening of the tooth and jawbones. In such cases, the patient may require the tooth to be extracted.

To prepare for orthodontic treatments

Before orthodontic treatments, a patient may need the extraction of one or several teeth to correct protruding teeth and eliminate overcrowding to make space in the mouth.

Tooth Extraction Process

After assessing the patient's oral condition and determining the best treatment plan, we will begin the extraction process. Our dentist will administer local anesthesia and numb the patient's teeth, gums, and surrounding jawbone. Once the sedative numbs the area, we will remove the affected tooth by holding it using forceps. We will ask the patient to bite into a gauze piece to facilitate the formation of a clot. We will also prescribe an antibiotic medication if required to prevent any infection.

Why is a bone grafting procedure required after tooth extraction?

If the extracted tooth had a severe bone infection, the patient might require a bone graft to restore the bone volume. The strength of the jawbone is a critical factor in getting tooth restoration procedures like dental implants done. So, we may conduct a bone grafting procedure by extracting healthy bone tissues from a different source and grafting it to the deteriorated area following an extraction. In a few weeks, the grafted tissues will fuse together with the existing tissues, thus ensuring that the bone is ready for implant placement.

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