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Partials and Dentures in Little Rock AR

Dentures are oral prosthetics used to restore a large number of missing teeth. Patients who have lost a considerable number of teeth due to issues such as aging, external trauma, or oral infections can benefit from dentures. These prosthetics are removable and can be taken off as and when required.

Advantages of getting dentures

  • Dentures make the face look fuller as they replace the missing teeth. This way, your cheeks and chin regain their ideal shape, making you look much younger.
  • You can restore the functionality of your mouth using dentures. With prosthetics, you can bite and chew food like you always used to with all your teeth.
  • Dentures are removable prosthetics. When you have to clean your mouth or go to sleep, you can take the dentures off and put them back on when required. Also, when you need to clean the dentures, you can do so by taking them off and cleaning them using regular toothpaste and toothbrush.
  • Dentures are made from ceramic and acrylic that are highly durable. They wouldn’t wear or break even while biting and chewing hard foods.

Types of dentures

Partial dentures: Dentures used for restoring just a few particular missing teeth are called partial dentures. When the patient still has a considerable number of teeth intact, partial dentures would be the right option in this case.

Complete dentures: Dentures that restore all the teeth in the mouth are called full dentures. They are recommended for patients who have lost all their teeth.

How are dentures fabricated?

When you visit us for the initial consultation, we will conduct a visual screening to see how we can restore your teeth. Based on the observations, the recommendation for partial or complete dentures will be made. We will take a highly precise mold of the teeth, gums, and ridges to serve as a reference for fabricating the prosthetics.

A combination of ceramic and acrylic will be used to make the dentures. In the case of partial dentures, a metal framework holds the dentures stable and in shape. Also, it keeps the individual teeth in place.

Based on the data from the scans and mold, the dentures will be fabricated in a dental laboratory in a few days. When it is finished and made available for use, the dentist will place them in the mouth and check if they are offering the perfect fit and comfort. In case any changes are to be made, the dentist handles them and ensures you get the ideal set of dentures that you can use for a long time.

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